Friday, October 15, 2021

Though the internet is an exciting place that has opened a new world of opportunity to us all, it does have its faults. As much as we all love the internet, at times it can be an extremely dangerous place that offers a lot of risks, especially for those who are not too familiar with these potential risks.

When you are on the internet you are putting yourself at risk for a number of issues. First of all, there is the possible risk of hacking. If you are confident when it comes to navigating yourself around the web, then this won’t be too much of a problem. However, if you are a little naive when it comes to the internet, then you could find yourself being a victim.

On top of hacking, something else that you must be aware of when browsing the web is all of the potential scams that you may face. Internet scams are more common than you may think and in every corner of the web, you can find someone trying to take your hard-earned money or your personal details. If you know where to look then you can easily avoid these internet scams, so to help you here are some of the latest internet scams that you need to be aware of.


Fake shopping websites

If you are someone that is desperate for a new outfit and you can’t find anything you like on your usual websites, then you may decide to venture out to websites you have never heard of before. Though more likely than not this will be very safe, there is a scam right now of people creating fake shopping websites with the hopes of gaining your card details and even your address.

We all know that protecting your internet history is your first priority when browsing the internet, but sometimes we can forget. A great way to determine whether or not a site is real is by simply looking it up. If someone has been previously scammed by the site then they would have published that online somewhere, so you will be able to find out quite easily.


Youtube subscriber scam

If you are someone that makes youtube content, then you will know that it is a very common practice to buy subscribers to have on your channel. This is a really fantastic way to bring attention to your channel and increase the likelihood of ads being placed on your videos. Unfortunately, some people actually buy more subscribers for their youtube channel from unreliable sites in an attempt to save a little money.

Though a lot of the sites that you can use to purchase subscribers from are safe, every day new sites are set up with the intention of stealing money from potential buyers. This is why we recommend going with a verified website, so you know that you won’t miss out.


Fake anti-virus

Let’s face it, anti-virus can be extremely expensive. For this reason, a lot of us are reluctant to purchase it, but we still need some form of safety on our computers. You may be tempted to try out free antivirus software. However, this is not a safe thing to do like a lot of the anti-virus software you can download online is actually spyware.

Once you have the application downloaded to your computer, someone will then have access to all of your personal data, which could result in you losing access to your social media accounts and losing money from your personal bank account, so we recommend that you are careful.


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