Saturday, September 25, 2021

When it comes to news, there is possibly nowhere where you can run to and not be bombarded with news from all over the world. What once started with newspapers and magazines have now held hands with technology and innovation to bring news to a simple device that can be held in your hand or seen on TV screens or billboards on highways and roads.

It’s quite interesting and intriguing to look into the history of news and how far it’s come. It doesn’t matter if you don’t keep up with the news that much. You have to acknowledge that it has indeed come a long way from being written with ink on papers and being passed around to being available on handheld devices. And that’s just some of the printed media. Most news that people are exposed to is because of social media and the internet, for the most part. When it comes to news, you have political news, sports news, economic news, and even headlines about climate change and individuals’ psychological well-being that needs to be well taken care of. There’s a huge scope, most of which isn’t even exposed to the correct audience.

Printed To Online

Probably the biggest and significant jump that has ever happened in the field of news is that of it jumping over from being typed out and printed on magazines and newspapers to news portals and sites opening up.

When once you had to go over to the newspaper stall at the corner of the street, now you just have to open your phone and search for news for you to get every single update about what is happening in the world.

And the news that you can get both online and off-line doesn’t limit itself to just your country – you can get news from all the four corners of the world. You get fashion-related articles that are up-to-date with the current trends that are being followed by everyone, you get ads for TV shows and movies that are about to come out soon, and if you’re online, you can even get personalized ads.

Speaking of news shaking hands with innovation, you might have noticed this but there even exist Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram pages dedicated to certain news channels and franchises so you can stay up to date.


While there are no specific categories for news, there are some basic ones that you should know and be aware of.

The first comes in the exclusive and breaking news that has been released only recently and is not available to many people. This kind of exclusive news is usually published online to be made available to a lot of people in a short amount of time. If the news is significant enough, it’s even published in the papers the very next day. As mentioned before, you get sections in newspapers talking about psychological well-being. Not only does this section include articles from informed individuals and those who are practicing or are active in the field of mental health, but you also get tips, dos and don’ts on how to improve your mental health and how to help someone else who’s going through a tough time.

International news probably makes up for some of the most important parts of the news. After reading what is going on in one’s country, individuals have shown great interest in knowing what is happening in another country. Most of the time, this behavior is because they like to stay informed, but there could be other reasons.  The other important section when it comes to the news online and off-line is a sports section, quite a lot of people who read newspapers either focus on the international section or the sports section. In the sports section, you have news about what popular matches are on right now – including cricket, golf, and most importantly, soccer.

You also get a detailed review of the match that took place the night before and the players that shone the most, along with the match’s result. Other than that, the section makes for a great place where you can catch up with your favorite players and see what other parts of the sports world are up to.

Fake News

The newest category of news is most definitely fake news. A lot of you might already be aware of fake news. Still, just to refresh your mind, it’s a type of news that is usually fabricated by not so trustable sources to trick the audience reading the news into thinking something has happened when in reality, it hasn’t. Fake news is usually made up so that one part of the population can turn towards another one, which is being targeted by the news that was created. The source of fake news is very rarely found out, but ever since the local public has become aware of the term and how popular fake news gets sometimes, they have learned how to distinguish between real and fake news.  Not to worry if you can’t distinguish between fake news and the actual truth. There have been instances where even news channels have fallen into the trap of fake news.

To find out if what you are reading is fake, you should always go back and check up on the sources that have been cited for the news in question. Research is key when it comes to finding out what is fake and what is true. You can follow sites and subscribe to that distinction between fake news that has been going around and its counterpart, which should be more popular.  Social media handles that update you daily about the fake news, how it was fabricated and where the information could have possibly come from, and the actual news that you should know.

Sum up

In the end, you should be aware of the type of news you want to take in and be aware of the workings of the world wherever you go, for there is no stronger power than the power of knowledge.


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