Saturday, September 25, 2021

The start of the new decade witnessed quite a negative impact with the arrival of the novel coronavirus. It has produced quite a devastating effect on almost every aspect of life. Seeing that the world was free of any such virus that threatened almost every nook and corner of the world made the virus more alarming and dangerous. With no vaccines to cure the virus created, the only solution was to do one’s best to prevent it.

Symptoms of the virus

There are many symptoms associated with the pandemic that has caused a stir (a negative one) all around the world. Symptoms such as cough and cold, headache, shortness of breath, loss of sense of taste and smell, high fever, diarrhea, and other such symptoms of the virus.

Prevention of the virus

While it is not always possible to prevent a virus that is not on sight but spreads like wildfire, it is also best to take measures to steer away from it. Here are some of the ways and steps that were incorporated into one’s daily routine which are mentioned below.

  • The use of hand sanitisers and hand washes became more important than ever and it was suggested to wash one’s hand or use a hand sanitiser regularly and whether possible.
  • Social distancing which was a term seldom heard prior to the virus has now perhaps become the most used term as this has become a social rule to keep the virus at bay.
  • It has now become mandatory for a person to wear a mask and stepping one step out their door without a mask can be very dangerous. The threat of the virus has caused an uproar to the extent where one cannot even go to their own home’s lawn or bank yard or any other area without a mask.

Impact of coronavirus

It is not information unknown to the world that the virus has caused a very devastating and severe impact on the entire world and one that can seldom be recovered in this decade at least.

  • The economic industry has been severely affected by the pandemic as the flow of income and business in general came to a halt. The financial flow came to a curb for almost everyone and given the situation was one of emergency, there was nothing one could do to stop this economic loss.
  • The educational field also witnessed a major loss with all the educational institutions closing on a temporary basis so as to keep a distance from the virus. This severely disrupted the routine of every institution and the education of one whole year has been obstructed due to the virus.
  • Countries that were already a victim of poverty saw an increase in the same evermore with almost every organisation and office belonging to every field coming to a close. This meant a curb in the flow of income from their earning source which had a negative impact on their financial status and existence thereby, making the poverty rate rise even more.
  • Not every problem seems to be external, some are even internal. The suicide rates all over the world increased more than ever. Mental health too was severely and negatively impacted by the virus following the lockdown which made people stay inside the walls of their own home for days and months. This led them to become anxious and develop stress ultimately leading them to depression. Existential crisis witnessed an increase more than ever with almost everyone questioning their existence and feeling their existence is devoid of meaning. Hence, it can be seen as to why the suicide rates increased as one’s mental health was put to test along with their physical health in a stressful situation as this.

These were some of the negative impacts that the pandemic left and continues to leave in the affected parts of the world. Moreover, the list would continue and perhaps be a never-ending one if one was to mention all the negotiable impacts and consequences of the virus in detail.

Coronavirus vaccine

The above lines were history or so it seems with every news channel and social media platform now being flooded with the news of the coronavirus vaccine. Many countries reported a rise in the rate of people affected by the virus and deaths caused by the same as well. The cases have relatively fallen now since the advent of the virus at the beginning of the decade.

Ever since the coronavirus vaccine was developed and tests were conducted, it has been reported that the side effects of the vaccine were severe and the vaccine was not so safe for application. In many parts of the world, the vaccine is already being provided to those in need for free but the news about the severe reaction of the vaccine cannot be ignored or dismissed. There are also claims that the vaccine is not designed to fully treat the virus but only curated in order to prevent it. As far as the matter of how true these claims are going, only time can tell whether the vaccine is really helpful or not.

Despite the claims of the vaccine not working to treat the virus or it producing negative side effects, it is still being in almost every part of the world and the government has also taken the deed of providing it for free since the virus is a situation of emergency. The vaccine drive was even put to a halt for a few days given the complaints that were tagging along with its creation. However, now it is being used worldwide.

One cannot really tell if the vaccine will work in their favour or not but as is believed that prevention is better than cure, the virus has certainly made this assertion more important than ever and also made people take this proverb more seriously. Hence, whether the vaccine is useful or not, it is still wise to take measures to prevent gaining the virus as much as possible.


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