Saturday, September 25, 2021

Fire is a Fact of Life

California is home to some of the most scenic vistas in the world. The natural beauty and mild, Mediterranean climate have attracted millions to settle in the foothills, deserts and coastal valleys.

But living in California means learning to live with fire. That’s because our scenic vistas are fire-dependent. Fire cracks seed casings, allowing our native plants to thrive. And it clears out dead brush that can choke living plants and cut off food for wildlife.

So why are today’s fires so devastating, destroying our neighborhoods, taking our homes, possessions and even lives?

The answer lies in our own backyards.

Your Best Defense Against Fire

Firefighters agree: It’s not if, but when, fire will burn through an area. And there aren’t enough fire engines to protect every house. Firefighters need your help to give your home a fighting chance.

The single most important feature that will help your home stand alone against fire and give firefighters a base to battle the flames is A FIRE SAFE LANDSCAPE.

What is a Fire Safe Landscape

A fire safe landscape isn’t necessarily the same thing as a well-manicured yard. A fire safe landscape uses fire resistant plants that are strategically planted to resist the spread of fire to your home. Companies have invested millions into research to ensure these plants actually work, like the ones found at Thanos Home, which reduce the spread of fire by a rate of nearly 60%. And that’s just for the cheaper end products.

The good news is, you don’t need a lot of money to make your landscape fire safe. And you will find that a fire safe landscape can increase your property value and conserve water while beautifying your home.


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