Friday, October 15, 2021

Grameenphone, also known as GP, is the leading mobile operator in Bangladesh. They have a vast market share exceeding 45 percent with almost 75 million subscribers. They were the first who introduced GSM technology in the Bangladeshi market. Grameenphone also gets the credit for being the first company in the local market, which covered the country’s whole geographical area.

This telecom offers a wide range of benefits. From its stable internet connectivity to other features, Grammenphone is one such exclusive company that introduced a wide range of internet services to every single household in Bangladesh. With time, its infrastructure grew manifold, with new subscribers subscribing to the network every second.

Therefore, let’s find all the latest plans, offers, and other services that Grammenphone offers to the citizens.

Network Infrastructure:

The company has invested significant money in building the network infrastructure. They entered into the market intending to scale, scale aggressively. They have made the largest cellular network in the country; they have access to 99% of the total population. The Grameenphone has its base station all across the country.

Network Services available:

Their entire network is GPRS, and 3G enabled. They have also started offering 4G services in some parts of the country. Their data services are scaling very fast. They have a customer base of 37 million customers who use their data services. The Grameenphone is looking to scale it even further. Recent news has it that the customer base is expected to cross 40 million in the upcoming months.

How come Grammenphone acquired so much popularity and customers in such a short period? The fact that this company can reap profits is mainly due to its vast scale service. From one point of view, here are some of the exclusive details about the range of services available:

  • The recharge options available to individuals are endless. There are single day packs, weekly, 21-days as well as monthly and yearly packs available. On the other hand, you can recharge your device every quarter as well. This applies both to internet packs, along with daily incoming and outgoing call packs. You can choose the package that you want and recharge your device.
  • The option titled flexible plans is also available with Grammenphone. This plan applies to users for a short period only. This plan caters to the requirements of all users. There are specific plan details available. You can check the one that suits your needs and recharge accordingly.
  • Apart from these two options, Grammenphone has fantastic offers for both new and old users. On every recharge, you get 1GB of extra data-free. This is applicable for a selected time frame only. If you want to grab this offer, recharge your device today!
  • When it comes to calling offers, the options are endless. In case you run out of your calling plan, recharge your device with the minute’s package. This plan helps you with incoming and outgoing calls for a short time being.
  • The internet packs provided by Grameenphone are incredibly affordable. Some of the most sustainable internet plans that all users love are as follows:

1 GB of data is valid for up to 7 days. This is a short plan, effective for users who require a week’s data plan. For more extended plans, the 2GB data and 4.5GB 4G data is quite good. The prices for all these packs are reasonable. While the former is valid for 30 days, the latter is valid for 21 days. There are other short-term plans, like 500MB for one day and 2GB for three days. Recharge your device with these plans and get your job done quickly.

What are the latest offers that Grammenphone has come up with for its users?

Grammenphone announces the best deals of its service every month. Grammenphone revealed some of the most fascinating offers for its old and new users for the New Year. Thee are as follows:

  • On every internet recharge, 1GB extra data is available for free.
  • Every incoming and outgoing call is free for one week.
  • Receive cashback offers on every recharge.
  • Weekly recharges have additional discounts.

Do not miss out on these crazy offers today, and grab them as soon as possible.

Buy a 4G sim card today!

If you want to switch your current connection to Grammenphone, you need to purchase a 4G sim card. Some of the documents that you require are as follows:

  • Your identity card
  • Phone number
  • Additional documents, as and when asked for.

To sign up for the sim card, the process takes place online. Follow the steps below to register for the 4G sim card:

  • Enter your phone number for the sim card.
  • Choose your location
  • Enter your email ID
  • Choose a mobile number that you can easily remember. Multiple options will be given on the screen. Choose any one at your convenience.
  • Submit the scanned identity card
  • Upload other relevant documents asked for.

Once you are done, click on submit. You have now registered yourself for the Grammenphone 4G sim card service. It takes a day or two to process the card for you and send it to your address. On receiving the sim card, you can insert it on your device and wait for it to get activated. It takes less than a day to activate the card. Once done, you can update the settings and start using the sim card.

Start using the new Grammenphone application:

As telecom companies are shifting to a digital mode of operation, users can now download the Grammenphone application on their devices. No longer need to visit the website when things can get sorted out with the app online. You can keep track of all features, offers, and additional discounts on the Grammenphone application. Further, keep track of your past recharges once you log in with your personal Grammenphone account.


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