Friday, April 16, 2021

Hospital care in the USA is a very sensitive subject for many people, however, in recent years we have seen many changes to how hospitals around the country and their staff are using more unconventional methods to provide treatment and a diagnosis to the public. While many people believe that this outright challenge towards the more conventional diagnostic norms is a disgrace to the medical industry others think that it is time for some development in the way that things are done and that experimentation, when done safely, is a welcome thing.

I will be looking at some of the ways that some American hospitals are providing treatments and medical diagnosis differs in comparison to the standard practices and whether or not the on-site staff is working in an ethical way. It makes sense that people would be wary of the changes that have been made but you must also consider that without experimentation there is no way for our medicine to develop to become even more effective against new illnesses.


Introducing More Staff to Their Hospitals

One way that our hospitals have changed recently is that there seems to have been a huge drive in the number of medical employees being taken on by establishments up and down the country. Although an influx in employment is not necessarily a bad thing there has been a lot of speculation about whether every employee is passing through the necessary qualifications or if there has been some leniency put into place. A word from the higher powers has been released stating that there have been more on-site training regimes put into place to offer the opportunity to more people who would like to start a career in the medical industry.

This has not gone down well with everyone with many people stating that candidates who are not fully qualified should not be allowed to work on patients. However, with the demand and strain that is placed upon many of our hospitals all over the country something had to be done to make sure that hospitals had enough staff to cope. Any trainees are not given huge responsibilities and any physical medical work that is being carried out will be done under the watchful eye of a trained professional.


Use of More Experimental Treatments

Another way that many hospitals in the USA are challenging the norms would be the increased use of experimental treatments within the daily practice, as mentioned previously the medical industry relies upon change and experimentation to develop and improve what is available to the public. It is frowned upon by many people in the industry who believe that using drugs that have not been released into the mainstream market carries ethical issues, however, it is not as though the drugs are unsafe it is just that they are not used by everyone.

Using these types of treatments is something that will have been very clearly explained to the patients trialing them and in some cases where many treatments have been tried, it can be a real lifesaver. It is my own opinion and the opinion of many members of the public that as long as the doctors are being clear about what is being offered and any side effects have been explained, it should be completely down to the patient with regards to what they want to try in terms of treatment options for their condition.


Supplements and Steroid Treatments

Supplements and steroids have very negative connotations especially in the world of medicine, however, when used properly and at a safe dosage some steroids can be very beneficial to the body as well as providing relief to some pretty serious medical problems. The common trend in the medical industry is to be wary of things that you do not know all of the information about and unfortunately, this is the case when it comes to using steroids and supplements to help relieve many medical conditions. For example, people who suffer from chronic muscle pain may be able to strengthen their body by using the best testosterone booster on the market to help with muscle gain and hopefully help relieve their pain.


Increasing Patient and Doctor One to One Time

Another way that hospitals are challenging the norm would have to be the huge increase and dedicated time that has been spent trying to find a way to increase the time spent in consultations with patients. In recent feedback, it was found that many people were unhappy with how little time was spent with their doctor and they felt that their session would benefit from being longer to allow the patient more time to get information regarding their condition and treatment. With more people being employed by our medical services and the increase in online consultations hospitals all over the country are trying to increase the time they spend with their patients.


Online Diagnosis

A final way that hospitals in the USA are challenging the diagnostic norms would be the introduction of online consultations and diagnosis sessions, by using an online platform and a video link call patients are now able to speak with a medical professional without having to leave the house. This has also helped the hospitals as doctors are now able to speak to many more patients within the day than they would if they made every patient visit them in person.


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