Saturday, September 25, 2021

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for your health. Over the last few decades, scientists have really been able to get to the bottom of just how smoking can destroy your health.  You may have noticed that there has been a drastic decrease in the number of people that smoke, this is because the general public has also become more aware of just how bad smoking tobacco is.  For this reason, it is no wonder why some US states are looking to ban smoking completely. 

Here are the reasons that they have chosen to do so and some of the potential problems that they could face by doing so.  


The health issues associated with smoking  

When it comes to smoking, there are countless medical issues that can be caused by the act alone. If you add nicotine to this, you are only making the potential medical issues far worse.  

One of the biggest medical issues that you are warned against as a smoker is a cancer. This is because nicotine can literally mutate your cells, which is what causes cancer to be produced. Cancer is one of the biggest killers in the US alone and with the way that the US medical system works, treatment for it can be extremely expensive.  

The treatment can be so expensive that some people choose not to treat it at all, as it can prevent them from being able to afford other aspects of their life. Now, states could try and change legislation in accordance with their health care, but that would take too much time and would be seemingly impossible. For this reason, it makes more sense to try and abolish something that causes one of the biggest health issues that they face regularly.  


Other health concerns 

Now the main priority of every state and country is making sure that their citizens are as healthy as they possibly can be. Yes, this has its financial reasons, but it is also their duty to make sure that their citizens are happy and healthy.  

Aside from being a big cause of cancer, smoking can also cause a lot of other medical issues. One of the other biggest issues that smoking can lead to is lung problems. The lungs are one of the most essential organs that you have and for this reason, it is imperative that your lungs are properly cared for.  Due to smoking, there has been an increase in the number of lung transplants needed.  Organs aren’t something that is easy to access and so because of this increased need, there has been a backlog of people needing organ replacement. This is extremely unfair on people who require the transplants due to medical reasons out of their control and some states have made notes of these complaints.  

This is yet another reason why some states are so set on making sure that smoking is banned. They have such a backlog of people that are needing transplants, that they don’t want even more people being added to this list due to the effects of smoking.  


What problems does banning smoking create? 

Though there are a lot of positives when it comes to deciding to ban smoking, there are a lot of problems that could occur if it was to happen.  

First of all, banning smoking completely would also include the use of hemp-based CBD and THC products. These products don’t have the same health risks as smoking regular cigarettes and so many people believe that they should not fall under the same category. 

However, it is important to remember that your THC and CBD-based products can be consumed in a number of ways and you are not just limited to smoking.  For example, you can buy delta 8 thc flower from this online shop and use it in a number of different ways. Though smoking may be banned, you can still vape the buds and even cook them into a delicious meal.  

Overall, banning smoking seems to be the best option for the states that are looking into doing it. Banning smoking completely will not only have economic benefits, but it will also ensure the health of millions of people.  


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