Friday, October 15, 2021

2021 is looking to be a year of positivity and self-love. After spending over a year in various lockdowns many people are not in as good a shape as they were prior to the pandemic. It has been a difficult year for everyone so many people have eaten more than they usually would as comfort food, people haven’t been doing casual exercise like they usually do, like walking to work and with the gyms being shut for half the year people’s fitness routines have gone out the window. Because of this society as a whole has decided that this year there is no space for losing weight for summer talk and instead everyone should appreciate that beauty lies on the inside. Some people will take the summer to try and get back into shape which they can do by eating healthier, exercising more, or can use a product like a lean bean fat burner which has been shown to massively help.  

Whilst many people are making this a summer for fitness, we love the sentiment that everyone should be comfortable with how they look, even before they’ve started working out again. This is a message that has been missing in the fashion industry for a long time, skinny girls have dominated the fashion industry from models being skinny to clothes being tailored for smaller girls, we have been waiting a long time for more inclusivity in the fashion industry for plus-sized people, not just for girls but for men too. We’re so happy that some companies have finally put an end to their fat-shaming trends, we’ve found the companies that are doing the most for this. 



If you’re a plus-sized person then you’ll know that one of the most difficult types of clothing to find and wear are sports clothes. Many sports clothing companies only made their products in small sizes which meant that many plus-sized people couldn’t wear the brands that they love or that they had to purchase sports clothes that weren’t as high a quality as skinnier people. Luckily, Adidas has made a big step in dealing with this issue as they released a new range that is suitable for plus-sized people and is just as good quality as their other products. They partnered up with Universal Standard to make this possible and introduced a brand-new collection that has sizes ranging from XS all the way up to 4XL which is brand new for Adidas and means this is their first collection that will fit everyone. The collection has everything that you’d need from hoodies to crop tops and leggings, and another piece of great news is that everything in this collection is less than $100 so it’s inclusive and affordable. 


American Eagle Outfitters

Another item of clothing that has been difficult for plus-sized people to find in the right size is jeans. Shopping for jeans is one of the hardest items to buy, it is difficult for every individual to find the perfect pair of jeans but plus-sized individuals had a much harder time as there were fewer options available. American Eagle Outfitters created their own denim range back in 2019 and in this range, they included plus sizes and have promised that their next range will go up to a size 24 to help more people find clothes that they’re comfortable in. As well as introducing bigger sizes in clothes they have also included plus-size models on their website, they were one of the first companies to do this. Their website is a better reflection of the real world as everyone does look different, not everyone is a size 6 in the real world and it is a nice change to see this on a clothing companies’ website. 



Athleta is another sports clothing company that is putting a lot of work into catering for plus-sized individuals. They have gone further than Adidas as they realized that introducing bigger sizes in their clothes isn’t just about adding a couple more inches onto the length of their clothing but that they have to take into account body shape too. They’ve done lots of testing on their products and have really considered size as well as body shape which will help to make sure their products are exactly right for working out. They’re due to release a new range of clothing soon with all products going up to a size 3XL. 


Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret is a lingerie company, another thing that has been difficult for plus-sized people to find and to feel sexy in. Victoria’s Secret as a company is all about helping women to feel comfortable in themselves and they make some amazing lingerie that achieves this aim. However, they realized that it is important for every woman to feel comfortable and beautiful in how they look so they decided it was time to use some plus-sized models as this would help to make plus-sized individuals feel beautiful when they can see someone similar looking to them rocking lingerie. Whilst they weren’t the first company to do this as they are such a popular company, they made the most difference by hiring plus-sized models. They’ve also promised to make more plus-sized lingerie in the future.  


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