Saturday, September 25, 2021

Humans are very peculiar beings. Even if a person says he or she can live independently, they cannot do so. Human beings require other human beings to develop and advance. This is the reason why there are almost 7 billion people on earth. Those seven billion people reside in over 190 countries. One can imagine those countries to be a group of people, and hence one can say that all this group of people are fighting and competing against each other for the number one place. But in reality, the world as we all speak of is ruled by some handful of countries. Those countries constitute the majority of wealth and power flowing around the world. And the decision taken by the countries is almost paramount. These decisions which we are talking about here come to normal people as news and information.

Importance of news:

News is very important for a person’s life. They don’t just carry information. They reveal the reality of the world. Not just for information, a person should know news because they should know what is happening around their lives. News has the power to change a person’s life; they have the power to create or even break a person. News ranges from sports to politics, and in this wide spectrum of news, many people can find their own place and what they have in interest and know about that topic. For example, suppose a person is interested in ice skating. In that case, he or she can get the information about the next Big tournament and prepare for it, or he/she can read an article about an ice skater who gave an interview recently and gets inspired by them. News becomes very important when a person wants to know anything about his or her country, there can be a big event that can be beneficial for a person, and if the person doesn’t know about it, he or she won’t be able to avail it. In this scenario, the influence of news and current news, to be precise, is immense.

As the importance of news is very big, so is the presence of fake news that lingers around society. A person should really use his mind to judge whether the news fact is false or true.

Some of the current news that is happening around the world:


In the world of sports, the two big giants are football and cricket. In football, one of the world’s biggest teams, Barcelona FC, just lost to Athletic Bilbao for the Spanish super cup. The match between Liverpool and Manchester came to a draw after a fierce match between them. There was a piece of good news for the world of football as in some emerging countries where football is not popular, many football leagues are being held, and a large number of audience are coming to the stadium to attend them. One of the fiercest rivalries between India and Australia is going on with the starting of the last test match of the border-Gavaskar trophy. The current tally between the teams is 1v1, and both teams try their best to win the last test.


The biggest pandemic that the world has ever seen has reached its last stage, with many countries developing their own vaccine for it, and many have started the vaccine drive to cure the patients that have covid19. In India, the world’s biggest vaccine drive has started, and the health sector aims to make available the covid vaccine to all the masses affected by it. The USA also started its vaccine drive with the newly invented Pfizer vaccine. Not all was good for the citizens of United Kingdom scientists have found a new variance of covid-19 emerging from all over the country. Boris Johnson, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, has demanded a stricter lockdown in the country and has appealed to the people to stay indoors. A slight drop back has been found in Norway’s country regarding the covid-19 vaccine as 23 covid patients have died after injecting themselves with the newly invented Pfizer vaccine.


After the recent storming of the US White house in the first week of January, the country’s respective defense agencies have called in for strict surveillance of people regarding the upcoming inauguration of president-elect Joe Biden. There has been some news in circulation that Kamala Harris will preside over the committee that will look out for the impeachment of the current USA president Donald Trump. If the impeachment really goes through, Donald Trump is going to become the First USA President who is going to be impeached for the second time.

The whole cabinet of the Dutch government has resigned after being involved in the child welfare scandal. Dutch president has assured that the upcoming new government will look out for the compensation that will be given to 30000 families affected by the child welfare scandal.

Mischeallious news:

Elon Musk has become the world’s richest man after surpassing Jeff Bezos in the first week of January 2021 due to the sudden rise in the stock prices of his companies like Tesla and SpaceX. His net worth has now become 190 billion US dollars. Many economic specialists have concluded that he will go on to become the first human being to have a net worth of a quarter of a trillion dollars.

The UK prime minister Boris Johnson has invited the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi as a guest to attend the upcoming G7 summit that is going to happen in the near future.

The authorities in the USA have yet again blacklisted another Chinese tech giant Xiaomi as they have concluded that it poses a threat to their national security.


So, in a nutshell, one can see that the importance of current news is immeasurable for a person, and since a person lives in a society, he or she should know what is happening in the world.


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