Saturday, September 25, 2021

News is a part of everyday life and can in no way be averted. Some people even stand addicted to its means in some form or the other. It has been of great relevance in the past and even today. Tracing back to history, it is only in the 18th and 19th centuries that the commercial printing press was initiated for the purpose of transmission of current happenings in and around local areas as well as worldwide. With that came a faster and inexpensive mode of disseminating information among the masses. Before the print media came into existence, the sole source of news used to be coffee house and pub discussions that involved high levels of factual talks among the members participating in the conversation. And now there is no need for such a source when you have the internet along, almost everywhere you go.

More on the history

Back in the days when a piece of particular factual news was transmitted from one person to the other to reach a legit source, there used to be cases of manipulation, especially by the elite classes to change things in their favour. By means of exclusively having access to certain information, there was a great chance of the news being delivered to be exploited at the hands of manipulation. However, with emerging time, more and more such print media evolved and the competition in the market grew, and that too prevented the masses from acquiring the latest and the unfiltered news. But with time, the limitation that the print media had to face had gone down and now people can have access to various platforms to get the recent happening that they need to know as a resident of a particular area.

Influence of news on the masses

Media is not only a major source of entertainment but also acts as a guide for people to distinguish between what is right and wrong. The opinions of the critics on a particular fact taking place also acts as a source of enlightenment. Be it issues on trade, politics, legal, entertainment, or any other field, expert opinions on the issue is something that talks more about the fact in detail. In regard to a democratic State, news and other forms of mass media act as guidance, informing public opinion and comment on the government and its actions towards the improvement of that particular State. It is only through the current news that people tend to keep themselves updated, which forms an integral part of living in a society with other similar beings. The concept of self-governance which is the very essence of democracy gets established with the fact that the news industry exists.   

The modern-day news industry

Gone are the days when people relied mostly on the newspapers and the television for attaining any information on the present happenings. People have turned more aware of the initiation of internet news. Different software’s have come up to facilitate the purpose in the form of applications, websites, and many more that can be accessed both through a smartphone as well any other device enabling internet usage. To take an instance, people take the help of the current news relating to the stock market trend and only after that plan for their investments with a particular company. That’s how the present world is dependent on the news on a regular basis to seek various aspects of one’s life. However, certain limitations come up with access to internet news. The major problem lies with the authenticity and reliability of the source of news. Mostly on the internet, various websites have different articulation styles and thus you ought not to find the same content everywhere. However, it is recommended that opting for verification from different websites on the actual content and facts can help in deciphering the actual news from the filtered one.

Internet news as an advantage

In terms of credibility, in the case of internet news, mostly it voices the public opinion that might not be the actual news, and thus apart from the actual news you get to know the reaction of the public at large to instances taking place in and around the society at large. Also, on the aspect of the news being reliable and worthy, the companies dealing are well aware of the same. Putting their name and fame at stake would not be a pleasing thing to do. Apart from that, several other advantages remain underlying when it comes down to accessing news through the internet. However, keeping oneself updated is the best thing to do and hence, keep up with the current news.

Top-rated android apps for current news

If you are someone looking up for reliable and trusted sources to get hold of the best of current news in and around your area, here are certain enlisted applications especially for the android operating system that is bound to serve you best:

  • Google news
  • Microsoft news
  • BBC News
  • Reddit
  • smart news
  • in reader
  • inshorts
  • news break
  • happily
  • Feedly
  • Flipboard
  • Scribd

With these sources, you need not worry about the restrictions posed by internet news access. The list might seem to be exhaustive but there are certainly more than delivers the best of services for its users.

sum up:

To come to a concluding point, news can have both positive and negative impacts on the mindset of a particular individual. Be it in the olden days and even today, the reliance of people on current news tends to be everlasting. But at the same time, it is to be kept in mind that keeping away from wrong influences can do more harm than good. Therefore, keeping all the pros and cons aside, the very fact that news is important cannot be averted and thus one can have easy access to it from anywhere in the world through the internet. You too can get yourself subscribed with any source that you can put your faith on.


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