Saturday, September 25, 2021

If you’re thinking about finally returning to the gym you probably already have lots of things to think about. After the temporary closure of the gyms getting back into it might be a struggle. Most people are concerned about how much strength they’ll have lost, if their cardiovascular fitness has decreased, if they are wearing a high quality gym clothing brand that’s suitable for the gym as well as their living room. Also, some people may be nervous to return to the gym as when people initially join the gym it takes people a while to adapt to exercising in front of people, lifting weights near people who are lifting heavier weight as this makes some people feel self-conscious and learning how to use all the equipment. After such a long break you may be feeling nervous again, but just remember that if you did it once before then you’ll be able to get comfortable doing it again. If you’re a newbie then this is the perfect time to join as a lot of gym-goers who used to be regulars will be in the same situation as you. However, things at the gyms won’t be exactly the same as they used to, they will be another example of the ‘new normal’ following the pandemic. We’ve found some of the most common changes and new rules for gyms in the USA.  

The Changes

Like in most other aspects of our daily lives now, it is compulsory for everyone to wear a mask to help lower coronavirus transmissions. Although it was debated for a while whether this rule would also apply to gyms, due to the potential negative impacts of exercising with something covering your airways, it was decided that keeping people safe from the coronavirus was more important. This means that when you next go for a gym session, whether you’re running a marathon on the treadmill or doing a heavy leg day session you’ll have to keep your mask on the whole time. Another change that is important to remember is that nationwide gyms have added cleaning stations, these have been installed to help increase customer safety. Whenever you use a piece of equipment there is a new rule that you have to disinfect it after using it before you put it back to make sure that it is clean when the next person uses it. Finally, if you’re used to training with a friend, this won’t be possible for at least the foreseeable future. Social distancing has to be maintained whilst training, so if you were hoping to lift heavy weights and have a friend squat you, you won’t be able to. 

Is the gym safe?

Whilst the virus is still circulating nowhere is completely safe, there will always be a small chance of catching it. However, with these new rules in place as long as you follow them the chance of you catching coronavirus in the gym is just as low as catching it at the supermarket. The reason that gyms have been allowed to re-open in most states is that the health benefits of allowing people to train at the gym outweigh the small risk that the virus can spread here. One of the main underlying health conditions that cause people to suffer from severe covid symptoms is obesity, by opening the gyms allows people to lose weight and prepare their body to be able to handle the virus better if they were to catch it.  


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