Saturday, September 25, 2021

When it comes to health supplements, there have always and always will be regulations put in place to ensure the safety of anyone that may use them. For the most part, health supplements are absolutely fine and will fulfill their intended use with no issues, but there are companies out there that don’t have the best intentions with their products and so these regulations are crucial to ensuring that nobody is taking anything that may be damaging to their health.  There are many sites and pages that break down the companies that are and aren’t safe for consumption and if you’re interested in that you should check out sites such as phenq reviews. Though there are plenty of sites that list all of the good and bad supplement companies, there aren’t many that go into the new regulations surrounding these supplements. These are the new regulations concerning health supplements.  

Ingredients transparency  

Something that has previously been neglected in the world of supplements is full disclosure of the ingredients that are included within the supplements. In previous years, it was not stated that manufacturers had to include every ingredient that they used to create their supplements, which meant that a lot of companies didn’t disclose some of the ingredients used that could have been potentially harmful.  

Not having to disclose what ingredients were used often meant that companies cut a lot of corners in order to make a profit. The ingredients that they had previously used were not beneficial for the user and also had the potential to negatively affect other medications that were taken by the user. This means that a lot of people were having trouble with their health because of the supplements, but they could not pinpoint why this was the case due to a lack of knowledge about the ingredients that they were ingesting. 

Vitamin Regulation  

Believe it or not, research into health supplements is not as extensive as you may think. A lot of health supplements that are commonly consumed are produced by private companies and so not a lot of investigating has been done into what vitamins the companies use and whether or not they are actually beneficial to the body. That was the case until recently. Now scientists and the FDA have done much more extensive research into what is found within the health supplements and whether or not all of the ingredients are necessarily or even good for the body.  

As a result of this research, there is now a limitation on what vitamins can be used within the supplements that are sold. This was put into place because many companies used an excessive amount of vitamins such as C and D, which did not encourage the results that were promised by the company. Instead, they were requested to include a more diverse ingredients list that will fulfill the promises that they had made.  


Much like any product, many companies that produce supplements also add additives such as colorings and preservatives. For the most part, these additives are perfectly fine and will cause no issues. However, some of the products that less reputable businesses have previously used in order to color and preserve their supplements have unfortunately changed the way in which the supplements influence the body, which has made them ineffective or even dangerous to use. 

There has been extensive research into which additives are effective and also safe, so now there is a list of ingredients that can be safely used.  

It is important to remember that these regulations change every year, so be sure to check these updates as frequently as possible.  


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