Saturday, September 25, 2021

Social media and the Eu are two things that have not really been mentioned together in the press, however this week we saw that a discussion arose around possible sanctions on social media and how it is used as a money-making commodity within the mainstream world. It is not often thought that social media is like many luxuries that we currently pay tax on, alcohol and tobacco imports are sanctioned by the EU yet they are not considered as big a moneymaker as what social media is considered to be.

It is my opinion that the EU’s sanctions on social media have come around for a number of different contributing factors, the fact that there is so much money to be made on social media and that as an industry tool it can be a very dangerous place have all encouraged a result where social media is monitored on a much closer level than what it once was.


The Dangers of Social Media

For the average user, there are many dangers on social media that have until now gone ahead unaddressed by our higher authorities, the fact that this has to be mentioned in such a prestigious and serious setting shows how far the problem has now gone. Internet trolls and catfishes to name a few are just some of the dangers that are preset for an everyday social media user, as the problem has gotten out of hand the EU is set to place restrictions and changes on the account creating process, they have also placed more resources in the required areas that are in place to help maintain a safe environment on social media. These sanctions will make it harder for repeat offenders to escape into the woodwork only to reappear with a new profile so it is definitely going to help make social media a safer place for everyone.


The Wealth Behind Our Most Popular Platforms

Another reason that we could see these sanctions is the fact that social media has the potential to bring in so much profit for many different businesses that exist out there, it seems to be a growing trend for businesses to make use of the free to use social media platforms to help them make multi-figure amounts of profit. Social media is considered a commodity by many so it makes sense that the EU is looking at ways to make sure that all of the business that takes place online is fair to all parties that are involved. If you are looking to make use of social media as an advertising platform for your business then I would urge you to look at companies such as social rocket who can help you boost your ratings, whilst making sure that you are working in accordance with the new rules and sanctions that have been put in place by the EU.


What Does This Mean For The Average User

For the average social media user, I would urge you not to worry, the sanctions and new rules that have been implemented are primarily directed at making sure social media is a safe place for all of its users as well as monitoring business practices that take place in an online platform. For the normal social media users, however, it is likely that there will only be small changes to how you use your social media accounts, for now at least. The biggest changes would have to be the new security functions that are going to help the authorities monitor any unlawful users that may be out there ruining the fun for everyone else, apart from asking you to change your passwords more regularly and opening more reporting functions where users can report people who are not using social media the right way there will be very minimal changes.


How to be Safe on Social Media Under The New Sanctions

Keeping safe on social media is completely your responsibility especially with the new sanctions that are in place if you are feeling attacked by any other user you can simply report your issue and block the person in question. The new rules have been put in place with the primary function of keeping the normal user as safe as possible, this includes making it easier to remove hostile people from your feed and blocking them so that they are no longer able to contact you in any way. For businesses out there who are using social media as a marketing platform you may dee further changes that are yet to be disclosed by the authorities, however with the huge minds and representatives on the EU panel I am sure that any sanctions or changes that are to be made will all be in the name of protecting the general public.


Overall as there are so many contributing factors when it comes to being safe online and the fact that businesses and organizations use social media to help their multi-million-pound deals go along smoothly, there have been many reasons why the EU should start to monitor social media practices as well as placing sanctions and limitations on what social media can be used for. As well as this punishing any negative behavior online with much more severe consequences for the offenders in question is a great way to discourage people from conducting any foul play in an online setting.


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