Saturday, May 15, 2021

Legislative Battles: The US States Looking to Totally Ban Smoking

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for your health. Over the last few decades, scientists have really been able to get to the bottom of just how smoking can destroy your health.  You may have noticed that there has been a drastic decrease in the number of people that smoke, this is because the general public has also become more aware of just how bad smoking tobacco is.  For this reason, it is no wonder why some US states are looking to ban smoking completely. 

Here are the reasons that they have chosen to do so and some of the potential problems that they could face by doing so.  


The health issues associated with smoking  

When it comes to smoking, there are countless medical issues that can be caused by the act alone. If you add nicotine to this, you are only making the potential medical issues far worse.  

One of the biggest medical issues that you are warned against as a smoker is a cancer. This is because nicotine can literally mutate your cells, which is what causes cancer to be produced. Cancer is one of the biggest killers in the US alone and with the way that the US medical system works, treatment for it can be extremely expensive.  

The treatment can be so expensive that some people choose not to treat it at all, as it can prevent them from being able to afford other aspects of their life. Now, states could try and change legislation in accordance with their health care, but that would take too much time and would be seemingly impossible. For this reason, it makes more sense to try and abolish something that causes one of the biggest health issues that they face regularly.  


Other health concerns 

Now the main priority of every state and country is making sure that their citizens are as healthy as they possibly can be. Yes, this has its financial reasons, but it is also their duty to make sure that their citizens are happy and healthy.  

Aside from being a big cause of cancer, smoking can also cause a lot of other medical issues. One of the other biggest issues that smoking can lead to is lung problems. The lungs are one of the most essential organs that you have and for this reason, it is imperative that your lungs are properly cared for.  Due to smoking, there has been an increase in the number of lung transplants needed.  Organs aren’t something that is easy to access and so because of this increased need, there has been a backlog of people needing organ replacement. This is extremely unfair on people who require the transplants due to medical reasons out of their control and some states have made notes of these complaints.  

This is yet another reason why some states are so set on making sure that smoking is banned. They have such a backlog of people that are needing transplants, that they don’t want even more people being added to this list due to the effects of smoking.  


What problems does banning smoking create? 

Though there are a lot of positives when it comes to deciding to ban smoking, there are a lot of problems that could occur if it was to happen.  

First of all, banning smoking completely would also include the use of hemp-based CBD and THC products. These products don’t have the same health risks as smoking regular cigarettes and so many people believe that they should not fall under the same category. 

However, it is important to remember that your THC and CBD-based products can be consumed in a number of ways and you are not just limited to smoking.  For example, you can buy delta 8 thc flower from this online shop and use it in a number of different ways. Though smoking may be banned, you can still vape the buds and even cook them into a delicious meal.  

Overall, banning smoking seems to be the best option for the states that are looking into doing it. Banning smoking completely will not only have economic benefits, but it will also ensure the health of millions of people.  

These are the New Pandemic Rules for Gyms in the USA

If you’re thinking about finally returning to the gym you probably already have lots of things to think about. After the temporary closure of the gyms getting back into it might be a struggle. Most people are concerned about how much strength they’ll have lost, if their cardiovascular fitness has decreased, if they are wearing a high quality gym clothing brand that’s suitable for the gym as well as their living room. Also, some people may be nervous to return to the gym as when people initially join the gym it takes people a while to adapt to exercising in front of people, lifting weights near people who are lifting heavier weight as this makes some people feel self-conscious and learning how to use all the equipment. After such a long break you may be feeling nervous again, but just remember that if you did it once before then you’ll be able to get comfortable doing it again. If you’re a newbie then this is the perfect time to join as a lot of gym-goers who used to be regulars will be in the same situation as you. However, things at the gyms won’t be exactly the same as they used to, they will be another example of the ‘new normal’ following the pandemic. We’ve found some of the most common changes and new rules for gyms in the USA.  

The Changes

Like in most other aspects of our daily lives now, it is compulsory for everyone to wear a mask to help lower coronavirus transmissions. Although it was debated for a while whether this rule would also apply to gyms, due to the potential negative impacts of exercising with something covering your airways, it was decided that keeping people safe from the coronavirus was more important. This means that when you next go for a gym session, whether you’re running a marathon on the treadmill or doing a heavy leg day session you’ll have to keep your mask on the whole time. Another change that is important to remember is that nationwide gyms have added cleaning stations, these have been installed to help increase customer safety. Whenever you use a piece of equipment there is a new rule that you have to disinfect it after using it before you put it back to make sure that it is clean when the next person uses it. Finally, if you’re used to training with a friend, this won’t be possible for at least the foreseeable future. Social distancing has to be maintained whilst training, so if you were hoping to lift heavy weights and have a friend squat you, you won’t be able to. 

Is the gym safe?

Whilst the virus is still circulating nowhere is completely safe, there will always be a small chance of catching it. However, with these new rules in place as long as you follow them the chance of you catching coronavirus in the gym is just as low as catching it at the supermarket. The reason that gyms have been allowed to re-open in most states is that the health benefits of allowing people to train at the gym outweigh the small risk that the virus can spread here. One of the main underlying health conditions that cause people to suffer from severe covid symptoms is obesity, by opening the gyms allows people to lose weight and prepare their body to be able to handle the virus better if they were to catch it.  

Why More Doctors Are Recommending Video Gaming as a Hobby

Due to video games often getting given a bad name for the violence and aggression they can expose the player to, you may be surprised to know that health care professionals such as Doctors are now recommending people to play video games! Which is good news for you gamers, but not so good news for the parents who are trying to wean their children off their consoles!

Cognitive/Intellectual Skills

There has been a stigma around video gaming for a long time, with a common belief being that people who play video games are not very intelligent and are wasting their time doing something unproductive. However, more recently, it has been acknowledged that many video games are great for exercising the brain. It may not be obvious at first, even to those playing the game, but many video games stimulate the mind and require the player to use many cognitive skills in order to win. Many games require those playing to use problem-solving skills in order to complete challenges or quests, meaning they are having to think strategically and outside of the box.

Social Skills

While it is often frowned upon that children today are spending much more time playing video games and less time playing outside with friends, does this really mean they are isolating themselves? Well, it turns out, not at all. The majority of video games allow the player to compete against others, play as part of a team, and communicate with one another, either verbally through a headset or through a chat box function. This kind of debunks the whole notion of video gamers being ‘loners’ or ‘anti-social’ as just because they aren’t interacting with the physical world as such, they are still using social skills through an online community. In games that involve working in a team to compete against others such as Arma 3, the team members are required to cooperate with one another to ensure they are successful in beating their opponents; requiring strong communication and teamwork; there’s a whole range of good cheats available for Arma 3.

Mental Health

Research has shown that video games can actually improve your mental health- which is the main reason doctors are now recommending them! The reason for this being the case is that video games often require the player to pick a character and play in a pretend world, this means that the player is able to escape reality and forget about the real world outside their bedroom door for a while. This can be a great way for reducing anxiety or de-stressing, as the individual is focusing their energy on something they enjoy. Video games can also support a person’s emotional development, which relates to mental health, as they can build resilience and get better at realizing that you cannot always win at life, sometimes there will be setbacks or other people that get in the way of success. Quite the opposite to escaping reality, some games (such as SIMS) involve the player creating an animation of themself and completing everyday tasks; this could help an individual in applying what they have learned in the game to real life.

Physical Health

Of course, when we think of video gaming, we picture someone sat on a gaming chair or bean bag, with a controller in their hand, looking rather motionless (apart from their fine motor skills being worked). However, many games have been developed to encourage people to exercise such as the Wii Fit. These types of games are great for people’s physical health, as they are a way of promoting exercise that is fun and interactive. Due to these games being enjoyable, people are more likely to continue playing and may even be working out without even realizing it!

This is Why Brisbane is Changing its Zoning Laws

The zoning laws in Brisbane are set to undergo huge changes in order to update the rules and regulations surrounding property building in the area to bring our regulations into the modern era, as well as making them much more appropriate for the time period and the new processes that are in place within the industry. Within the Brisbane area, it has been a long time since the zoning laws were addressed and many who are local to the area with big property renovation plans would argue that they are too strict to allow construction workers the necessary freedom to do their work effectively for their clients.   

Some would argue that that law is in place to help protect people and that if there is something that is being restricted by the regulations regarding renovations then it is in place for a good reason, which is to protect the public and ensure that construction work is being done to meet the necessary quality and safety requirements. With the laws clearly needing an update, an opportunity has arisen for the laws to address the concerns of those who work in the construction and property development world who don’t have a hidden agenda but want to create stunning properties for the public. Everyone is waiting in anticipation for the official details regarding what is going to change with the zoning laws in Brisbane and how they can affect both normal people and those who are currently working within the industry.  


One of the biggest functions of our zoning laws in Brisbane is to protect people, there are currently laws and regulations in place to prevent people from entering official building sites and those that are stupid enough to do so illegally will be punished to encourage them not to re-offend. These laws are in place to prevent members of the public from injuring themselves in a  very dangerous location as well as preventing any loyal workers from being blamed for the incident. Another way that our zoning laws help to protect the public is by monitoring and prosecuting those who are not fulfilling construction jobs to a good and safe standard. Botched buildings and builders can have devastating effects not only by posing a danger to the public but by also costing people significant amounts of their hard-earned money.  


Preparation For New Developments

It is said that the new changes to Brisbane’s zoning laws have come about after a huge plan has been set in motion regarding some new high-profile property developments that are set to go ahead in the summer. The developments that are taking place are confirmed to be using some form of new technology that is yet to be disclosed by the officials that have forced the authorities to look at the way zoning is regulated and policed, with all of the fuss that is being made and the rush that the officials are seeming to be in all suggest that this was very unexpected for the government body, hence why they are in such a rush to get the new laws and regulations passed. These new developments bring a very exciting time to Brisbane with everyone waiting in anticipation to see what is being planned and why such a big deal is being made about it.   

How Will it Affect You?

For those that are working in the various different aspects of the industry, these new restrictions can be very uncertain and misleading especially with the press causing so much speculation it can be hard to know what is true, as well as the fact that we are yet to find out how the new zoning laws are going to affect the average citizen and construction worker. You will be glad to know that the answer is simple, you shouldn’t worry too much about the things that are going to change and for a deck builder in Brisbane, Australia, or any other manual worker in the industry it is likely that things are not going to change too drastically. The changes are said to be being made as a result of the new developments that are taking place as well as a review of the safety regulations to ensure that nobody is in any danger.  

How One Hospital Is Challenging Diagnostic Norms in the USA

Hospital care in the USA is a very sensitive subject for many people, however, in recent years we have seen many changes to how hospitals around the country and their staff are using more unconventional methods to provide treatment and a diagnosis to the public. While many people believe that this outright challenge towards the more conventional diagnostic norms is a disgrace to the medical industry others think that it is time for some development in the way that things are done and that experimentation, when done safely, is a welcome thing.

I will be looking at some of the ways that some American hospitals are providing treatments and medical diagnosis differs in comparison to the standard practices and whether or not the on-site staff is working in an ethical way. It makes sense that people would be wary of the changes that have been made but you must also consider that without experimentation there is no way for our medicine to develop to become even more effective against new illnesses.


Introducing More Staff to Their Hospitals

One way that our hospitals have changed recently is that there seems to have been a huge drive in the number of medical employees being taken on by establishments up and down the country. Although an influx in employment is not necessarily a bad thing there has been a lot of speculation about whether every employee is passing through the necessary qualifications or if there has been some leniency put into place. A word from the higher powers has been released stating that there have been more on-site training regimes put into place to offer the opportunity to more people who would like to start a career in the medical industry.

This has not gone down well with everyone with many people stating that candidates who are not fully qualified should not be allowed to work on patients. However, with the demand and strain that is placed upon many of our hospitals all over the country something had to be done to make sure that hospitals had enough staff to cope. Any trainees are not given huge responsibilities and any physical medical work that is being carried out will be done under the watchful eye of a trained professional.


Use of More Experimental Treatments

Another way that many hospitals in the USA are challenging the norms would be the increased use of experimental treatments within the daily practice, as mentioned previously the medical industry relies upon change and experimentation to develop and improve what is available to the public. It is frowned upon by many people in the industry who believe that using drugs that have not been released into the mainstream market carries ethical issues, however, it is not as though the drugs are unsafe it is just that they are not used by everyone.

Using these types of treatments is something that will have been very clearly explained to the patients trialing them and in some cases where many treatments have been tried, it can be a real lifesaver. It is my own opinion and the opinion of many members of the public that as long as the doctors are being clear about what is being offered and any side effects have been explained, it should be completely down to the patient with regards to what they want to try in terms of treatment options for their condition.


Supplements and Steroid Treatments

Supplements and steroids have very negative connotations especially in the world of medicine, however, when used properly and at a safe dosage some steroids can be very beneficial to the body as well as providing relief to some pretty serious medical problems. The common trend in the medical industry is to be wary of things that you do not know all of the information about and unfortunately, this is the case when it comes to using steroids and supplements to help relieve many medical conditions. For example, people who suffer from chronic muscle pain may be able to strengthen their body by using the best testosterone booster on the market to help with muscle gain and hopefully help relieve their pain.


Increasing Patient and Doctor One to One Time

Another way that hospitals are challenging the norm would have to be the huge increase and dedicated time that has been spent trying to find a way to increase the time spent in consultations with patients. In recent feedback, it was found that many people were unhappy with how little time was spent with their doctor and they felt that their session would benefit from being longer to allow the patient more time to get information regarding their condition and treatment. With more people being employed by our medical services and the increase in online consultations hospitals all over the country are trying to increase the time they spend with their patients.


Online Diagnosis

A final way that hospitals in the USA are challenging the diagnostic norms would be the introduction of online consultations and diagnosis sessions, by using an online platform and a video link call patients are now able to speak with a medical professional without having to leave the house. This has also helped the hospitals as doctors are now able to speak to many more patients within the day than they would if they made every patient visit them in person.

Why the EU is Looking to Impose Heavy Sanctions on Social Media

Social media and the Eu are two things that have not really been mentioned together in the press, however this week we saw that a discussion arose around possible sanctions on social media and how it is used as a money-making commodity within the mainstream world. It is not often thought that social media is like many luxuries that we currently pay tax on, alcohol and tobacco imports are sanctioned by the EU yet they are not considered as big a moneymaker as what social media is considered to be.

It is my opinion that the EU’s sanctions on social media have come around for a number of different contributing factors, the fact that there is so much money to be made on social media and that as an industry tool it can be a very dangerous place have all encouraged a result where social media is monitored on a much closer level than what it once was.


The Dangers of Social Media

For the average user, there are many dangers on social media that have until now gone ahead unaddressed by our higher authorities, the fact that this has to be mentioned in such a prestigious and serious setting shows how far the problem has now gone. Internet trolls and catfishes to name a few are just some of the dangers that are preset for an everyday social media user, as the problem has gotten out of hand the EU is set to place restrictions and changes on the account creating process, they have also placed more resources in the required areas that are in place to help maintain a safe environment on social media. These sanctions will make it harder for repeat offenders to escape into the woodwork only to reappear with a new profile so it is definitely going to help make social media a safer place for everyone.


The Wealth Behind Our Most Popular Platforms

Another reason that we could see these sanctions is the fact that social media has the potential to bring in so much profit for many different businesses that exist out there, it seems to be a growing trend for businesses to make use of the free to use social media platforms to help them make multi-figure amounts of profit. Social media is considered a commodity by many so it makes sense that the EU is looking at ways to make sure that all of the business that takes place online is fair to all parties that are involved. If you are looking to make use of social media as an advertising platform for your business then I would urge you to look at companies such as social rocket who can help you boost your ratings, whilst making sure that you are working in accordance with the new rules and sanctions that have been put in place by the EU.


What Does This Mean For The Average User

For the average social media user, I would urge you not to worry, the sanctions and new rules that have been implemented are primarily directed at making sure social media is a safe place for all of its users as well as monitoring business practices that take place in an online platform. For the normal social media users, however, it is likely that there will only be small changes to how you use your social media accounts, for now at least. The biggest changes would have to be the new security functions that are going to help the authorities monitor any unlawful users that may be out there ruining the fun for everyone else, apart from asking you to change your passwords more regularly and opening more reporting functions where users can report people who are not using social media the right way there will be very minimal changes.


How to be Safe on Social Media Under The New Sanctions

Keeping safe on social media is completely your responsibility especially with the new sanctions that are in place if you are feeling attacked by any other user you can simply report your issue and block the person in question. The new rules have been put in place with the primary function of keeping the normal user as safe as possible, this includes making it easier to remove hostile people from your feed and blocking them so that they are no longer able to contact you in any way. For businesses out there who are using social media as a marketing platform you may dee further changes that are yet to be disclosed by the authorities, however with the huge minds and representatives on the EU panel I am sure that any sanctions or changes that are to be made will all be in the name of protecting the general public.


Overall as there are so many contributing factors when it comes to being safe online and the fact that businesses and organizations use social media to help their multi-million-pound deals go along smoothly, there have been many reasons why the EU should start to monitor social media practices as well as placing sanctions and limitations on what social media can be used for. As well as this punishing any negative behavior online with much more severe consequences for the offenders in question is a great way to discourage people from conducting any foul play in an online setting.

Is Your Internet Privacy in Danger: A Look at the Facts

With the continuous growth of internet users, the risk of privacy breaches has increased. The information we share about ourselves at different times and occasions is often stored permanently and stayed there even after a long time. Tracing someone through the information available online is quite easy and so is causing harm to them. The online world is not as safe as we think. One of the biggest threats to internet users is privacy breaches. These cyberattacks, data breaches, and hacking attempts are an eye-opener, as most of them are unexpected.


How to protect your privacy information

Cybercriminals do a good job of tricking people into clicking on links supposedly from their bank, telecom operator, electric or gas company, tax service, and other legitimate organizations. Think before you click – spelling errors, email addresses that do not seem right, and out-of-the-blue communications from friends should be treated with utmost caution. It is better to manually enter the URL of the organization in question to log into your account to verify any communications before clicking. In doubt, call the organization or your friend to verify before clicking. Do not share passwords or choose one that can be easily guessed. Make sure to change them often. And where possible, use two-factor or strong authentication which combines something you know (username and password) with something you have (a credential such as a card, token or mobile phone) to verify the identity or verify a transaction. You may not know you are being hacked or scammed as some accounts online appear very real, some people actually buy more subscribers for their youtube channel which is fine, but some use bot accounts to create fake numbers to seem legitimate. So it is important to spot the difference.


Types of scams to avoid

You may receive an unsolicited email offering a job, typically not in your area of expertise, often for a mystery shopper or similar position. When you accept, you are paid by check or money order, for an amount greater than your “employer” offered. You are then asked to send back the difference, only to discover the original check or money order was fake, and you are out of the money you sent to your fake employer. With the rise of career networking sites like LinkedIn, unsolicited job offers are becoming more and more common, which means that anyone hungry for work has to become savvy at sifting through the legitimate offers from the scams. If you decide to accept work, never cash suspicious checks without ensuring they are authentic.

To be sure, ask your bank to place a “hold” on the funds until the check or money order is verified. Any time you are asked to send back the “difference,” this should be a sign that you are involved with a scam. You meet someone through a dating website or chat room, you start to get to know each other, and it can feel very real. However, you can never be sure who’s on the other side of your screen. If you find yourself in an online relationship with someone who begins to ask for money or to see intimate photos, or asks you to redirect items they send you, then the person you have met is a scammer. “Catfishers,” as they are sometimes called, often use the identity of a real person to seem authentic and to provide real details, but they are sending fake photos and contact information to cover their tracks. You must be wary of these different types of scams, and there are many more that people are not familiar with. It is important to secure your information and ensure your privacy is protected.